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Rope Light Features

Crown RopeLight Features

Crown Premium Rope Light provides a unique change to traditional rope light. Our rippled rope surface provides a brighter light and better light spread. Crown Premium Rope Light offers new technologies in rope lighting including UV protection for outdoor use. Anti-Aging PVC, Anti-Odor, Anti-Static, and Equo Pressure all contribute to increasing the life of the product.

Crown Rope Light Features & Benefits:
  • Extremely flexible
  • Bright light spread
  • Up to 13 colors in some styles
  • Energy efficient
  • Available with Incandescent & L.E.D. light source
  • High quality anti-aging PVC
  • Odorless PVC
  • Anti-static additives
  • Horizontal bulb placement increases life
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Steady Burn or Chasing effects
  • Accessories make installation easy
  • Pressure resistant
  • UV protected
  • Low power consumption
  • Sold in convenient 150 ft. rolls