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Rope Light - Flexible, Versatile, Colorful

Rope Light is AFFORDABLE... Rope Light is VERSATILE. It provides a quick solution for a host of lighting requirements from outdoor perimeter lighting to soft cove lighting.Crown rope light can be seen outlining buildings, lighting the midways in major theme parks, creating amazing displays on parade floats to name only a few.The Crown trademark is widely recognized throughout the world.

As direct importers, we work closely with the factory to bring you the best possible quality and value. All rope light is stocked in a wide selection of colors and with numerous effects. The lighting effects range from STEADY BURN (All-On) to more sophisticated CHASING lighting patterns.

We strive to offer you a product of high quality and very competitive pricing.

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RopeLight is fast becoming the lighting of choice for a wide variety of lighting applications. No matter what kind of rope light you are looking for, our Crown Rope Light will fulfill your every flexible lighting expectation. This RopeLight is so versatile, you'll wonder if there is any application it cannot be used for!!!

We carry all the accessories you need to create the effect you are looking for. We have flashers and faders as well as 2, 3, 4 and 5 wire controllers with 2 to 4 circuits.

Check out all of our features, specifications and accessories for our colorful Crown Rope Light. Visit our ropelight ordering system to purchase ropelight or rope light accessories now.